My 2022 Baby Shower

On February 6th 2022, I had the most amazing group of ladies come together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our third daughter. We welcomed God’s blessing in all of our lives. I thank God for my amazing Queens and Sisters.

Oh my goodness! The laughter. The tears. The ambiance. The food. And most of all, the presence of God was there. It was such an amazing day.

I can’t think of the proper words to describe the event. It’s best to just share a few videos and picture moments with you. I only ask that you keep this content private – meaning please do not download, re-post or re-distribute the videos or photos. I trust that you understand.

Here’s a video recap of the day. Hopefully this video will bless you as much as it blessed me:

What can I say about the Riboville Boutique Hotel and Spa venue? It was just the right amount of elegance. The atmosphere was fantastic

My Lead Queens for the event were Simphiwe and Harriet. They really flowed together and brought a perfect vibe to the day as the led us through a fun and energetic programme:

There were so many loving words of encouragement from everyone. I received every word with a heart full of thanks and appreciation. Here’s a video of a few of the words of encouragement that were captured from myself and my Sisters and Queens that were spoken on the day:

Thank you to everyone who declared blessings over me, the baby, and my entire family. I pray that God returns to you a double portion of all that was prayed for me.

There were both spoken and written words of encouragement from the ladies. I have read these messages over and over again. Each time I do, my heart is filled with joy.

My Sisters and Queens put the “shower” in Baby Shower with the way I was “showered” with gifts for the baby. I was humbled and thankful at the same time.

My Sisters and Queens looked absolutely beautiful that day. I heard that there were lots of questions about what the Elegant Cosmopolitan Summer Vibes dress code was supposed to look like. Well it turned out to be stunning. Have a look:

The food at Riboville was spectacular. Have a look at some of the dishes my Sisters and Queens ordered:

Finally, I can’t have a baby shower without “preggy belly” poses with my Sisters and Queens!

Thank you for making this such an amazing day for me!